March 31, 2011

Story Stones made by a Kindergartener

This week one of my kindergarten students came to school with her own story stones.  She had wanted her own set and found a way to make them - stickers!  I was so impressed with her creative solution of how to get an image on the stone!   Her mother told me she gathered the stones from her grandmother's garden.


  1. It IS a creative solution and it means the image is clear and easy to see. I've tried some methods for story stones that are much harder to decipher!

  2. What a smart idea! Let the children lead the way!!

  3. This is such a beautiful storytelling inspiration. We incorporate storytelling each day in our pre-k classroom...I'll have to add this to our repertoire. Thank you!

  4. You could do this with numbers to make a math game too.
    Kay Hartt



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