January 09, 2013

Reggio Emilia: The Alphabet

Oh my word!  I am so excited!  I took a tour of a local Reggio Emilia inspired preschool, Rosa Parks. I was blown away with the beauty in this school.

I am so grateful for the generosity and kindness of the teachers to allow photos and permission to post them on this blog.  Thank you Rosa Parks!

I documented so many wonderful things to share with you.  I am going to share them by groups over the next 7 days:
  • the alphabet
  • color
  • birthdays
  • hanging art
  • tables
  • numbers
  • families

 You are in for a real treat. 

 Little drawers of letters in the writing area.

 Cut pieces of wood with letters.  The teacher told me she put sticker letters on the wood and painted the wood.  After the wood dried, she removed the sticker.  

  The letters of the alphabet created using found objects and materials on a painted surface.
You could use canvas boards, foam core or heavy paper.

 A close of view.

 Each child has the first letter of their name in a wood cut.  On their birthday - they get to decorate their initial.  So cool! 

A writing tray with colored sand and a paint brush.

 A brilliant sign-in sheet!  The first letter of the child's name.  Love this for preschoolers!

Another teacher created an alphabet frieze with twig letters the class made.  Beautiful!

A framed piece of metal sheeting for letter magnets and popsicle sticks with magnets for children to create letters!

See you tomorrow with Reggio Emilia: Color



  1. So many good ideas here. Love the wood "birthday" letters!

    1. Just wait! There were so many amazing ideas - I was truly on overload!!

  2. The gracious professionalism this staff offers up each and every day to our community of educators and families is absoultely unmatched... Thank you for your model of support and practice...

    1. It was pure inspiration to talk to the teachers of these classrooms. Every child deserves a community like Rosa Parks offers. It is a jewel in our community!

  3. All capital letters. Why do we focus on capital letters when lowercase letters are used 95% of the time in both reading and writing?

    If we teach capital letters first then the child writes in all capital letters. The kindergarten and first grade teachers then have to re-teach and break children of the habits of writing in all caps. Capital letters have 2 rules: To start a sentence and for an important name. See Zoo-phonics.......please.

    1. I understand what you are addressing - totally. But these classrooms are three-year old classes and it would not be developmentally appropriate to teach ANY handwriting. It the visual recognition and the context is play.

      My perspective was completely altered when I went into European kindergartens (Switzerland) and NO formal instruction was given on any level regarding the alphabet. It was all exploration. I asked to see a first grade classroom and how they were doing given the absence of this instruction.

      What I saw was astonishing. Their handwriting and sentence structure far exceeded what we see in America. I realized - there is a time for each level of instruction.

      I see the Reggio classrooms as exploration like the Swiss classrooms.

      What I think you are referring to is the sad state of affairs in USA preschools where handwriting is started way too soon. I feel this should be delayed until a child is 7 years old.

  4. This was absolutely inspiring. I want to go there!! Looking forward to future posts about this amazing school! Sue at betwixthomandschool.blogspot.com

    1. I could barely contain myself it was so full of goodness!

  5. Rosa parks is reggio at its finest!

  6. I LOVE the Reggio approach. I worked at a Reggio Emilia based child development center during my college years, and I found the approach to be inspiring and powerful. It just felt "right." Does Rosa Parks have an "atelier"? Our center was in the process of creating an atelier of natural materials for students to work with when I graduated. I think this is such a beautiful approach.

    I am looking forward to the post on color. We had jars of colored water all around the center that had slight variations of shade. I loved that the kids were not just exposed to primary and secondary colors, but everything in between. I was so inspired that my daughter and I created similar jars for her room! Thanks for sharing about what seems to be a beautiful school!

    Teaching Ace Blog

    1. I agree - this approach is so powerful. And yes, they have an atelier and great resources. I love that you created the colored water for your daughter's room. So wonderful! Lucky daughter!!!

  7. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you ever so much for sharing this! I studied the Reggio Approach at university but accepted I'd probably never get to see it done in practice.

    I've noted down some of the ideas to use in my setting, looking forward to more from you.

    1. Yay! There are so many little jewels to take from this method. Enjoy!

  8. I just got back from a Reggio Emilia study week...I am so full of inspiration and so many questions. A friend pointed me toward your blog and I am loving it!!!!



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