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November 30, 2012

Gingerbread Baby Goes Around the World!

I love this idea!  Susan, from River Bliss, has the Gingerbread Baby go around the world.  Susan explains, "Throughout the month of December, we receive a letter, postcard, or email nearly every day from the gingerbread baby telling us about various multicultural celebrations taking place at this time of year. He is directionally impaired to say the least and even ends up in Antarctica at one point! He is a curious cookie who just loves a party!"

For more on this unit, hop on over to Susan's blog:

Click this link for Susan's super Pinterest board:

Click this link for Sally's Gingerbread Man Pinterest Board:

Thank you Susan!  

December 21, 2011

Block Play: Wrap it up!

My wonderful intern, Katie, created the best little activity during centers last week.  She pulled out the blocks, a couple rolls of wrapping paper, scissors and tape.  Bam!  A great center for fine motor skills!  How many of you are wrapping present challenged?  It takes something to wrap a present.  The children put their "pretend" presents under our tree.  So cool. 

December 17, 2011

Easy Snowflake Ornament

 This is a very simple and economic ornament to make for your students.  This not a project for the children.  I like to make these as a little gift from me.  They are sooooo sweet.

I found the glitter snowflake ornaments at Walgreens at buy one, get one half price (there are 12 per box).  The clear gems came from the dollar store.  
  • glitter snowflake ornaments
  • clear gems
  • Mod Podge
  • hot glue gun
  • photos

  1. Trace the shape of the gem over the part of the photo you would like to use.
  2. Cut out the photo piece. Cut the photo ever so slightly smaller than the size of the gem.
  3. Apply a thin coat of mod podge to the top of the photo and press the gem on top of it.
  4. Let dry for a few minutes.
  5. Hot glue the photo gem to the middle of the snowflake.
  6. Done!

December 12, 2011

Class Holiday Card

This is a super simple idea for making a class card.  I am making them to go on the parent gifts.  I have a download of my letter signs for you.  Please click this link to download:  Happy Holiday Sign

I went online to Walgreens and added the border.  They have a 50% off special right now (code: ALL50) so the end cost for 23 children and 3 teacher copies was just $2.47.  Super deals!  Yes!

December 28, 2010

Make a Madonna Shrine

This is a sweet project for families over the holidays.  A few years ago I had my mother, father and children all making one.  They all still have their work displayed in their homes!!  I also chose this as a project at the museum with kindergarten age children.

 What you will need: a shell (about $2 at Michael's), Mod Podge, Tacky glue, assorted beads, gems and glitter, color copies of Madonna images and little brushes for applying glue and dusting off glitter.

Cut out the Madonna image you have chosen.  Apply Mod Podge to the back of the image and place on the shell.  Apply Mod Podge to front of image and smooth paper to shell.

 Embellish as you wish.  I applied a starry halo with star gems.

Apply a thin coat of glue and sprinkle little seed beads to create texture.

I lined my seed beads with light blue stars.

I embellished the ridge of the shell with little pearls.

I sprinkled the finest glitter to her cloak and in the curve of the shell.
 I will now let it dry!  Done!

This is my daughter's shell.  

December 25, 2010

The Twelve Holy Nights

The 12 holy nights begin December 26 and goes until The Three Kings day on January 6.  In my Waldorf teacher training, one of my mentors told me how this is the most powerful time to create the following year.  Each of the holy nights represents a month in the coming year (sequentially).  During each of the holy days you focus on the goals and visions you hold for that month.   For example, if I were planning a trip to Europe in March, I would use the 3rd holy night for that goal.  

Additionally, my mentor said that it was important to do this work before sleep.  Then, to watch  for any special or unusual dreams.   She suggested that I record any impressions, feelings, or intuitions when I awake.  

Here are some things I have done for each holy night and its corresponding month:
  • I buy a “12 Holy Nights” notebook where I capture the twelve days of inner work.  I label each holy night and it’s month as I get to it as some months have more inspiration than others!
  • I will choose a word or phrase for each month that captures the mood I feel around the vision.   For example, one month last year I picked the phrase, “Graciousness” and focused on bringing that quality into my life.
  • I will paste images and words in my notebook that draw me for that holy night and its month.  I even pull out my color pencils and crayons and let creativity flow.  Some of the months will hold a palette of color.  Last year I created the vision of traveling to the ocean in July.   In my notebook I made a watercolor of the beach.
  • My mentor suggested that the events and mood of the day could foretell the corresponding month's events.  For example, if on the 4th holy night, there was a lot of conflict and struggle in my day - it would indicate the possibility of struggle in April.  I jot the overview of my day and go back later in the year to see if it foretold anything.
    • Sometimes I will create a collage on the twelfth holy night to summarize my vision for the new year.  

    I love the structure of having 12 days to dedicate to creating the coming year.   It is a deeply inspiring process.  Think I will go get all my supplies for the process ready. . . .


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