March 27, 2012

Beautiful Jewelry for a Teacher's Heart

Oh how I love sharing special resources!   I adore beautiful jewelry and I have found the best priced handcrafted earrings and necklaces at Freebird Trinkets.   I couldn't help but share this resource!  I have several pieces of my own and I wear them constantly.  Get this - these are handcrafted by a teacher!    Marnie puts a special sparkle in her work that people always comment when I wear them.  

My Waldorf mentor once said you should dress like you are going to a nice casual party when you go to school.  She said that those details that we take into account when we dress for a party - we should do for our class.  It brings a special level of attentiveness.   I think it is a perfect reason to have special earrings for teaching.   Don't you? 

Click on the images to find out more!  To see more of her pieces go to Freebird Trinkets on Etsy!

I love, love, love drop earrings!

This is one of my favorite styles of earrings. 

This is amazing! 

 I adore the wrapped wire work at the top of these stones.  Ooo, might have to get these. . . 
More pieces:


  1. Sally, this jewelry is beautiful. I wanted to tell you that I have just started a blog. If you stop by it, you will see that you have inspired so much of what I have done recently...Thanks so much.



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